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Mothers and family members of fallen heroes honored on Gold Star Mother’s Day


Today is Gold Star Mother’s Day, and what a privilege it is to honor the mothers and family members of fallen heroes.

Gold Star Mother’s Day: Grief that never dies, four mothers & their lives after loosing sons. http://t.co/iFP3Kq2mHl pic.twitter.com/zdydcluG5X

— U.S. Army (@USArmy) September 28, 2014

“Please, ask me about my son” Tomorrow is Gold Star Mother’s Day. http://t.co/iFP3Kq2mHl pic.twitter.com/jgf9sTbc5z

— U.S. Army (@USArmy) September 27, 2014

We remember & honor families of fallen heroes on #GoldStarMothersDay. Read one mother's story: http://t.co/looN6TP2Ti pic.twitter.com/3nbu46T2oT

— U.S. Marines (@USMC) September 28, 2014

Today is Gold Star Mother's Day, the last Sunday in September. We honor the memory of those we've lost by… http://t.co/tKhaM5DTos

— Debra Drummond | WMA (@WomenMarines) September 28, 2014

Our warfighters aren't the only ones who sacrifice. Today is Gold Star Mother's Day. Please remember them. pic.twitter.com/8ScOvDInHH

— One Boy USO (@OneBoyUSO) September 28, 2014

Gold Star Mother's Day 2014 is on September 28, 2014 to honor & support our mothers who lost sons or daughters in th…http://t.co/IwMj0MH9OB

— Annie Nelson (@theAnnieNelson) September 28, 2014

Today is Gold Star Mothers Day, a day to thank and honor those moms who have given their most precious gifts for the rest of us.

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) September 28, 2014

Today is Gold Star Mother's Day. We acknowledge these Moms whose sons and daughters have made the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless you all.

— Patricia Horoho (@LTGHoroho) September 28, 2014

On Gold Star Mother's Day, we honor service & sacrifice of the moms of America's fallen heroes. Our prayers are with them & their families

— Kelly Ayotte (@KellyAyotte) September 28, 2014

Today is Gold Star Families Day – remembering the sacrifices made by the families and survivors of the fallen. pic.twitter.com/cUGmmnNqo1

— Congressman Joe Heck (@RepJoeHeck) September 28, 2014

Twitchy extends our thoughts to mothers and all family members who have lost loved ones fighting for the freedom to write this post. We express our deepest gratitude for the sacrifices all of you have made. What you and your loved ones have done will never be forgotten.

It's All A Conspiracy…

It's All A Conspiracy...

Just Something My Friend Is Hanging In Her Dorm

This Young Girl Revealed A Dark Secret Before Ending Her Life Live On Facebook

Child abuse effects nearly 700,000 children under the age of 18 annually.

Of these children, nearly four out of five are abused by at least one of their parents. Constant abuse and belittling can have negative impacts on a child’s self-esteem and personal life. Whether the abuse is physical, verbal, or simply emotional, the child if often left feeling as though they aren’t good enough and may never rise to meet life’s high expectations. Many take their own lives.

In 2014, nearly 1,500 children in the U.S. either took their lives or were killed by their own abusers. While these tragic events might not have been national news 20 years ago, with the creation of social media and streaming services, every suicide attempt can quickly become a worldwide event.

Twelve-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis of Cedartown, Georgia, revealed a traumatic family secret to her friends and followers during a live stream on her social media accounts.

Read More: Cyberbullies Continued To Attack This Teen And Her Family After She Killed Herself

The young girl broke down in tears as she shared with the world that her stepfather had emotionally, sexually, and verbally abused her since marrying her mother.

During the live broadcast, she could be heard saying her final goodbyes as she is prepared to take her own life.

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Sadly, she hung herself from a tree in her backyard while her friends watched in horror from their mobile devices.

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Despite their best efforts to save Davis, emergency responders were unable to resuscitate the poor girl and she was pronounced dead on December 30.

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In the days leading up to her death, Davis kept an online journal in which she detailed many incidents involving her stepfather and his abusive tendencies. She also said that she’d begun self-harming.

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As more and more people received word of her publicized suicide, Davis’ video spread across social media.

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Police were able to remove the stream from her own Facebook page, but as of now, they can do nothing to prevent the video from being shared across platforms online.

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Some fear that the spreading of such a tragic video could inspire others in similar living situations to attempt copycat suicides.

I Came To Exchange My Samsung…

Yeah This First Nice But This Is Much

‘That can’t be real’: James Woods floored by first lady’s hashtag diplomacy


Which picture? This picture:


As Twitchy reported, the first lady is engaging in some serious hashtag diplomacy, spreading the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag to help save the lives of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped by radical Islamic terrorists.


Warning: Do Not Mess With Sheep. It Will Not End Well For You.

When you’ve had too much to drink, you don’t tend make the greatest decisions. Maybe you text an ex, maybe you buy something you didn’t really need, but hopefully you aren’t been quite as dumb as this guy. He definitely had bruises the next day to remind him of his poor choices.

A video shows this gentleman, to use the word loosely, who is probably at a family gathering where there happen to be farm animals present. In his stupor, he decides to get overly friendly with one of the seemingly meek sheep…

I think it’s trying to run away from you, sir.

Yep, it definitely hates this.

So when it finally gets free…

You can check out the whole hilarious moment below:

The next time someone tells you they’re feeling sheepish, you should probably stand back.

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