Colorado grass-roots to Gov. Hickenlooper: You’re next!!/denverpilot/status/377654634871259138

They’ve only just begun to fight. As Twitchy reported earlier tonight, Colorado grass-roots activists scored a “Total Recall” of two prominent state Democratic legislators who spearheaded radical gun control legislation backed by out-of-state billionaire Michael Bloomberg and the gun-grabbing lobby.

Gov. John Hickenlooper, who remained AWOL for much of the recall campaign, was nowhere to be found in Colorado Springs or Pueblo. The writing is on the wall.!/Blu3Yeti/status/377651686866579456!/CoFemale/status/377645781651427328!/CajunConservatv/status/377650809817014272!/beckeelynn/status/377656620006002688

Send out an APB!!/Slavicwonder/status/377649312777658368!/JasonBWhitman/status/377650634084057089


Remya Jose A 14 Year Old Girl From India Invented

She Ripped Up The Carpet And Found A Strange Passageway In Her Home

After you live in a home for a while, you start thinking that you know all of its secrets.

And who could blame you? That house holds your entire life, so it only makes sense that you’d know it like the back of your hand. Just ask this woman. When a friend of Imgur user madhats86 started ripping up the carpets in her house, she noticed something odd. Much to her surprise, she found a secret door.

Beneath the carpet in her home was a door that led to a secret room.

You can imagine her surprise when she lifted the handle to reveal a tiny staircase.

She traveled down the stairs, and when she turned around, she came across yet another surprise.

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251602_570718dd10b8c”, auid: “537251602” });

And that surprise came in the form of rows and rows of mason jars.

The previous owner apparently liked pickling foods.

It’s not as cool as buried treasure or anything, but it’s still kind of awesome.

(via Little Things)

Go look for some secret passageways in your home! Who knows what it could be hiding?

#ObamaHalloweenCandy: Czars bars, Blamefinger and (No) Payday for you!/Sanddragger/status/254914132397146112

President Obama calls himself “eye candy.” Excuse us while we grab the hurl bucket again.

But, what kind of candy? Knickers (in a twist)? (No) Payday? What about his favorite, Thingamajig! Twitter users decided to come up with some Obama candy just in time for Halloween! Enter, #ObamaHalloweenCandy. Just remember: You didn’t chew that.

#ObamaHalloweenCandy. Everlasting Job Stopper

— Big Sam (@Sam__Rice) October 7, 2012

Good one RT @OBAMA_ATM: #ObamaHalloweenCandy ….. Your kids have to pay for it….

— SPITFIRE / Joan (@a2doghome) October 7, 2012

#ObamaHalloweenCandy – Open door, YOU say trick-o-treat to the kids! then take THEIR candy. tell em its BHO's wealth redistribution plan

— Pro 2nd Amendment (@CobraGT87) October 7, 2012

#ObamaHalloweenCandy Mounds of Debt #tcot

— BreitTwit (@BreitTwit1) October 7, 2012

Whatchamataxit #ObamaHalloweenCandy

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) October 7, 2012

#ObamaHalloweenCandy Big Govern-Mentos

— Super Genius (@Crapplefratz) October 7, 2012

Czars Bar #ObamaHalloweenCandy

— Carla (@ChuckieMom1) October 7, 2012

#ObamaHalloweenCandy Payday Bars, 23 Million People won't be getting one

— NJ2AS Media Army (@Free_NJ) October 7, 2012

#ObamaHalloweenCandy Uhm & Uhms #tcot

— BreitTwit (@BreitTwit1) October 7, 2012

Sugar-free candy Keynes #ObamaHalloweenCandy

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) October 7, 2012

And, win!

#ObamaHalloweenCandy empty wrapper

— Big Sam (@Sam__Rice) October 7, 2012

More, please, Twitter!

This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt

Twenty-three days, four countries, and one adorable couple.

1. Brett Arnold, 30, and Amy Linville, 28, have been together eight years and love to travel. And when Arnold, a project manager, decided to propose to Linville, an instructional designer at a college, he went all out. Like ALL OUT, all out.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

2. The day after his girlfriend graduated on Dec. 12, Arnold surprised her with a scavenger hunt around their Colorado neighborhood, Linville told BuzzFeed Life.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

“My final clue on that day was to hike to the top of a mountain in our neighborhood; it happened to be a snowstorm with white-out conditions — perfect.”

3. “When I reached the top there was a bag with a clue inside that said, ‘Pack your shit. You leave at 7 a.m.,'” she said.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

4. Linville said she expected Arnold to jump out with a “Gotcha!” at any moment, but she arrived home to find her travel backpack waiting for her. In it was a one-way ticket to Tokyo, a Japan Rail Pass, and a map to a friend’s place for when she arrived.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

Arnold told her she would be embarking on a world scavenger hunt for her graduation gift and Tokyo was the first stop.

“I STILL did not believe him,” Linville said. “No way…I had work, Christmas parties, plans…what about my plans?! Later I would find out that he contacted my boss months ago to arrange it and had let everyone know that I would not be making any appearances at Christmas parties.”

5. After arriving at their friend Mike’s apartment in Roppongi, Tokyo, Linville found her next clue on the fridge.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

“There are no words to explain what I was thinking or feeling,” Linville said. “It was too surreal.”

6. Arnold had roped in another childhood friend of Linville’s, Kassie, who lives in Okinawa with her husband, to give Linville Clue no. 8. The two women hadn’t seen each other in years.

“I was in Japan for about seven days,” Linville said. “I traveled on the speed train, played with snow monkeys in Jigokudani, did a Santa pub crawl, sang karaoke with some German girls I met, ate lots of sushi, felt my first earthquake, and had an absolute blast.”

Courtesy of Amy Linville

8. Next, Linville was off to Barcelona, where she had to grab Clue no. 9 at Casa Bar Pepe. When she got there, she realized the bar was closed for the whole week around Christmas.

“Brett was a little upset about this one; he had overnighted the clue to the bar owner, and the bar owner said he would definitely be open,” Linville said.

Arnold ended up emailing her the clue, which led her to San Sebastian.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

10. “In San Sebastian, Brett put me up in the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen: Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo. I was instructed that a clue would be delivered to my room on Christmas Day at 3 p.m.”

The clue arrived as promised, with instructions to hike up a peninsula across the bay from the hotel and find the overlook in this picture:

Courtesy of Amy Linville

12. Linville said she was slow going that day, feeling a “little depressed” to be alone on Christmas.

“I know, I know…I should have been jumping for joy to be traveling around the world, and I was, but this day I was little sad,” she said. “I knew Brett was back home celebrating with family; he had been texting me and FaceTiming me so I thought there was no way he would be joining me.”

13. After hiking up the peninsula, Linville discovered about four overlooks that looked identical to the one in the photo.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

“It was raining, cold, and starting to get dark. I was scouring park benches looking for my next clue and thought I should turn back and try again the next day, when I ran into a Spanish man who knew the spot where the photo was taken,” she recalled.

14. The man led her to a cliff and pointed her to the spot. As she hiked down the last few steps, she realized her boyfriend was there with her, hiking up at the same time.

“I was completely shocked,” she said. “He had really thrown me off that day! I asked him if there was still a clue or if he was my clue … He said, ‘Actually, I have it right here…'”

15. That’s when Arnold pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket and proposed.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

“He asked me if I was willing to go on another adventure with him…and I said, ‘Of course!’” Linville said.

16. Arnold had brought champagne but had forgotten to bring glasses, so the couple took turns swigging it from the bottle before hiking back down, hand in hand.

Courtesy of Amy Linville

Linville told BuzzFeed Life that Arnold had actually been planning to propose in this way for about four years, but started booking everything about eight months before her graduation. The couple will be married in Fort Lauderdale this October.

17. “Our love for travel runs deep, as you can tell from this engagement story!” Linville said. “He is my biggest fan, my travel partner, my compass.”

Courtesy of Amy Linville

It All Makes Sense Now…

When Your Friend Says I Will Pay For The…

Her Son Was Having Trouble With Potty Training. How She Punished Him Is So Cruel.

Any parent will tell you that potty training kids is no easy task, but there’s absolutely no excuse for what this frustrated mother did.

When a woman named Abigail Greer recently posted to a group on Facebook about her four-year-old son, many who read it were disgusted and very concerned. It’s not hard to understand why, considering that in her online venting session, Greer stated without shame that she wiped feces on her little boy’s face.

It’s pretty clear that Greer felt overwhelmed after trying unsuccessfully to get her son to use the toilet while also caring for an infant.

But despite her justifications, others were quick to emphasize that humiliating a little boy in such a way really isn’t okay.

<div class="llcust" data-lltype="media" id="ll_596ebf69d104e" data-source="

And as some pointed out, it simply doesn’t work.

<div class="llcust" data-lltype="media" id="ll_596ebf69d121e" data-source="



Pizza shop owner fears loss of business over presidential bear hug!/RBPundit/status/245305461384019969

Scott Van Duzer, the Florida pizza shop owner who made journalists and celebrities swoon by lifting President Obama off the ground in a bear hug, said today that people were boycotting his business over the encounter, which happened just a day earlier.

Van Duzer told Politico on Monday, “People are saying a lot of bad things and boycotting my restaurant. There’s no middle line anymore, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with our country right now.”

If there is a coordinated effort to boycott Van Duzer’s business, it pales in comparison to the Left’s call for a boycott of Papa John’s Pizza after CEO John Schnatter said the chain would have to pass along the cost of Obamacare to customers. Opponents flooded Schnatter’s personal Twitter timeline with abuse, and lap dog CNN even fact-checked the price hike claim.

The key in the Pizza guy situation is that he "perceives" a boycott. But I haven't seen any evidence. Maybe it's just Obama's bad economy.

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) September 11, 2012

So, does the hug shown around the world really have conservatives upset?

I have made no calls to boycott that pizza guy, nor has anyone in my TL. Who exactly are you all yelling at?

— AliceH (@Alice_Aitch) September 11, 2012

I'm afraid this just doesn't meet any threshold for a boycott that I'd recognise. Everyone is free to do as they wish, naturally.

— Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) September 11, 2012

@red_red_head If the Pizza Dude just supports BHO, cool. If his parlor is a museum to a failed Presidency, I would boycott it.

— Randy Spangler (@RandySpangler) September 11, 2012

Don't boycott the pizza man!!! Just vote!

— BRAIN (@Ponderosa7) September 11, 2012

I'd boycott the pizza place if the pizza is shitty, but not because the owner is a moron.

— Justin (@theGrudgeRetort) September 11, 2012

Pizza dude, just to show you how fair I am, I'll boycott that biker gang too.

— #WarOnLeftists (@corrcomm) September 11, 2012

If Van Duzer’s pizza shop succumbs to the feared “hug-in” boycott, perhaps a Chick-fil-A franchise  — where politically motivated boycotts lead to record-setting revenues — would make for a good investment.

Update: In case you were thinking of having some Big Apple pizza to support small business, the Obama campaign itself has just released this “GIF of the day” which might make you lose your appetite. Still hungry?

GIF of the day:

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) September 11, 2012

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