Just 20 Seconds Into This Home Movie And You’ll Be Shocked. It Left Me Speechless.

Filming one second a day for an entire year is a new, creative way to make home movies. It ends up being a collage of “a day in the life” for one person or family. Like other home movies, the one-second-a-day videos may only be entertaining to those who know the people in it.

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Worst Lawyer In The World Fakes Photos With Celebs In Publicity Attempt.

It’s not difficult to bump into a celebrity in Los Angeles, California. It’s the home of so many actors, musicians and otherwise famous faces that you can take a vacation there and see at least one of them while strolling along the streets.
But that’s not exactly the case for this L.A.-based lawyer. Svitlana Sangary apparently got tired

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These Idiots Need To Get Off Of The Internet. Pretty Please?

Nowadays, it appears the Internet is just as much about sharing information as it is people neglecting to use that information. Actually, it even seems there are a lot of people who are just intent on saying very stupid things on social media. There was a time when I would engage in debate with the stupid

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These Adorable Grandmas Keep Tagging Themselves On Facebook…As WHO?

Grandparents usually aren’t the best with social media, especially Facebook. Even though it’s not really their fault, the results are almost always painfully awkward. Sometimes, though, you get situations like this: Grandmothers all over Facebook are accidentally tagging rap star Grandmaster Flash in their statuses.
This turns their little notes of “Love Grandma,” into “Love Grandmaster

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18 People Confessed Their Shamefully Genius Life Hacks. Women Will Love #8… Brilliant!

There’s going to be times in life when you will find yourself in quite a sticky situation and, unfortunately, you won’t know where you’ll be when things go awry. You could be at work, at home or even in public. No matter how rough the situation may be, there has to be a way out of

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Don’t Ever Get Caught Drinking These. They Are The Worst Beers In The World.

People like to complain a lot about the quality of beers, food and other snacks at a party. They’ll belittle whatever you bring as if you didn’t just spend your hard earned money on these treats you brought to their house. (I guess some people are just like that.) But, if I were you, I

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They’ve Got Customer Service Coming Out of the Walls! Literally!

We’ve all been there–customer service. Whether it’s a never-ending chain of emails, a nonsensical loop of poorly-written instructions or a purgatory of automated responses, sometimes it feels like there isn’t really anyone even there, let alone someone who can help you. You fear your problem will never be solved and you’ll have wasted hours of your

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Here Are The 50 Most Ironic Ways People Have Died. Seriously, Don’t Die Like This.

This is a just a little bit worse than rain on your wedding day…Eesh. This group of people unfortunately suffered through some of the most painfully ironic deaths. You know what they (and Justin Bieber) always say: never say never! Alanis Morissette would consider re-writing her song after seeing these…

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This Simple Test Will Blow 98% Of People’s Minds. You Other 2%… Well, You’re Weird.

This is a simple test, but what happens at the end will probably blow your mind. It happens to be one of those cool things that no one can really explain, but is totally fascinating. It isn’t hard science, but you need to try it and see for yourself. Don’t write anything down or

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