Oh, lawdy: Is this ‘the most DavidBrooksian David Brooks sentiment ever?’

David Brooks, ladies and gentlemen:
The most DavidBrooksian David Brooks sentiment ever? http://t.co/EjPtz2v3IA http://t.co/JDBfRIC0kb pic.twitter.com/MBpsRFjk62
— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) September 23, 2014
Maybe some context will help:
It’s important in times like these to step back and get clarity. The truest thing to say is this: We are living in an amazingly fortunate time. But

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Ron Fournier’s ‘provocative hypothetical’ on quarantines? Gun seizures

National Journal reporter Ron Fournier has been doing a lot of chin scratching on the Ebola crisis lately, leading to some head scratching from his Twitter followers. Just yesterday, he tweeted a photo that seemed to equate the Ebola quarantine policies of Govs. Cuomo and Christie with World War II internment camps (while overlooking quarantines

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Obama loses hockey wagers; Citizens wish stakes had been different

Canada’s PM Stephen Harper and Barack Obama bet a case of beer on each of the U.S./Canada women’s and men’s Olympic hockey games.
Yesterday in women’s hockey, Canada defeated the U.S. 3-2 in overtime. Today in men’s hockey, Canada beat the U.S. 1-0.
Two more lost wagers:
It’s a shame the stakes weren’t

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‘Priceless’: Obama’s policies shredded in a single bumper sticker

Priceless, indeed.

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