Good news: Upgrades to make site almost usable

Posted In: Uncategorized!/HealthCareGov/status/400368704074305538

Wow, many people can now successfully create an account on Considering the site went live on Oct. 1, that doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade. We suppose you take good news where you can get it, but really? This is good news?!/cameronnjsmith/status/400368856935714816!/CJHerod/status/400372544445759489!/tana1147/status/400371857582747649!/BigStringThing/status/400378182148173824!/therealmurraycg/status/400407413364641793

There’s a success story. Now if Kathleen Sebelius and crew can just repeat that around 7 million more times.!/jamestaranto/status/400407871281561600

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