Sandra Fluke, Wendy Davis to discuss the ‘War on Women’

San Francisco’sCommonwealth Club of California is especially excited to announce its upcoming INFORUM event on October 16. Wendy Davis, theformerTexas state senator who inspired women to wear tampons as earrings in protest of abortion legislation, will present a program called “Wendy Davis and TheWar on Women.” Wonder what it’s about?

Yes, Davis still stands with Planned Parenthood, which is no surprise, considering she launched her bid for governor after the media made her a celebrity (check out Vogue’s fawning profile/fashion shoot) for holding an 11-hour filibuster to keep late-term abortions legal in Texas.

Disclaimer: Twitchy does not assume responsibility for any fainting spells brought on by the following tweet.

So the woman who ran a failed campaign for California state senator based on the war on women platform will be moderating the presentation by the woman who ran a failed campaign for Texas governor based on the war on women platform.

What a tease this is. Do we really have to wait until next week to find out who the “filibuster queen” is supporting for president?

This tweet just might hold a clue.

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