Sandra Fluke, Wendy Davis to discuss the ‘War on Women’

San Francisco’sCommonwealth Club of California is especially excited to announce its upcoming INFORUM event on October 16. Wendy Davis, theformerTexas state senator who inspired women to wear tampons as earrings in protest of abortion legislation, will present a program called “Wendy Davis and TheWar on Women.” Wonder what it’s about?
Yes, Davis still stands with

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Grammar FAIL: Bernie Sanders’ SNAFU-tweet about women controlling their bodies is a HOT MESS

Well this is disconcerting …did Bernie tell Hillary?
Women in this country will control their own bodies. Not the United States government.
— Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) April 22, 2017
We know what Bernie was trying to say, that women and not the Federal Government willcontrol their own bodies.
Sadly(hilariously), his

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