Just 20 Seconds Into This Home Movie And You’ll Be Shocked. It Left Me Speechless.

Filming one second a day for an entire year is a new, creative way to make home movies. It ends up being a collage of “a day in the life” for one person or family. Like other home movies, the one-second-a-day videos may only be entertaining to those who know the people in it.

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18 People Confessed Their Shamefully Genius Life Hacks. Women Will Love #8… Brilliant!

There’s going to be times in life when you will find yourself in quite a sticky situation and, unfortunately, you won’t know where you’ll be when things go awry. You could be at work, at home or even in public. No matter how rough the situation may be, there has to be a way out of

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You Might Hate The TSA, But They Prevent People From Bringing Weird Stuff Aboard

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Anyone who’s ever traveled in the U.S. has encountered the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Their officials are the ones running security at all of the nation’s airports, among other ports of travel. While few things are more painful than having to wait

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Here Are The 50 Most Ironic Ways People Have Died. Seriously, Don’t Die Like This.

This is a just a little bit worse than rain on your wedding day…Eesh. This group of people unfortunately suffered through some of the most painfully ironic deaths. You know what they (and Justin Bieber) always say: never say never! Alanis Morissette would consider re-writing her song after seeing these…

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This Rare Medical Condition Is Beyond Freaky, And It Makes Life Really Difficult

As the old TV show House taught us, there’s a whole host of medical issues out there that we don’t know about. While Dr. House may have been fictional, some of the diseases and conditions described on the show are all too real.
The freakiest medical conditions are not necessarily life threatening. They

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Apparently, Tesla May Have Contacted Aliens Through The Black Knight Satellite

Most folks familiar with the name Tesla know that it’s associated with more than just an electric car company.
Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant inventors of the 20th century. While he was discredited in life, he gained lasting recognition posthumously. Beyond what we know for sure about Tesla, there are dozens

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