Warning: Do Not Mess With Sheep. It Will Not End Well For You.

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When you’ve had too much to drink, you don’t tend make the greatest decisions. Maybe you text an ex, maybe you buy something you didn’t really need, but hopefully you aren’t been quite as dumb as this guy. He definitely had bruises the next day to remind him of his poor choices.
A video shows this gentleman,

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Reddit’s changed my view on life a bit…

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Amazing Beach

Great Ideas Come A Long Way!

Time to Go !!!

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These 30 People Had One Job And Failed So Miserably…I’m Dying!

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No matter where you work, you’re always going to make at least a few mistakes.
And that’s completely normal. But as you’ll see from the amazingly dumb job fails below, there’s a big difference between ordinary errors and what these people accomplished.

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I think this is AWESOME!!! My hats off to the people responsible…LOL

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