If The New Mom In Your Life Is Showing These Signs, She Could Need Your Help

When 32-year-old Florence Leung found out that she was expecting a baby boy, she was over the moon with joy. Sadly, shortly after giving birth, she began suffering from postpartum depression (PPD).
According to Postpartum Progress, one in seven new and pregnant moms suffer from postpartum depression,

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Surprise Baby Announcement Gets Super-Cute Reactions From Family And Friends

When Daniel Woods asked those closest and dearest to him and his wife to sit down for a quick interview, his friends and family had no idea why…or what he wanted to ask them. In truth, Daniel wasn’t planning on asking them anything. He just wanted to capture their reactions on his slow-motion video camera

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He Thought He Didn’t Want His Own Room, But Then He Saw What This Artist Did

One thing that’s incredibly special about visual artists is they know how to make us smile.
They are masters of emotion and use their medium to make us feel. That intuition can extend to anyone, even kids, as Crispin Young Wilson found out. Wilson’s latest project involved painting her

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Not Only Is This DIY Cheese Grater Effective, But It’s Easy To Make, Too!

Can we all agree that cheese graters are one of the most annoying kitchen tools ever invented?
Half the time, you end up grating more of your fingers than you do the actual cheese! And what little amount of delicious morsels you do grate tend to get all over your counter…what a waste!

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Combine Two Of Your Favorite Meals With This Cheesy Taco Pasta Recipe

When you’re craving comfort food, it can be hard to choose between your favorite dishes.
I can never decide which meal I want, to the annoyance of my family. But what if I told you that you don’t have to pick just one? That’s right — if you’re a fan of tacos but

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Alaska Might Have A Serious Serial Killer Problem On Its Hands

From the 1970s until the 1990s, America was the playground for some of the world’s most notorious serial killers. Lately, however, things have been suspiciously quiet on the serial killer front.

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American law enforcement has not had to deal with another Ted

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They Thought They Saw Birds Flying Out Of The Forest, But They Were So, So Wrong

There are times when you get to witness something spectacular in nature, and watching birds migrate is one of the finest sights of all. To see a whole flock of flying birds is something majestic that you can’t understand until you’ve experienced it for yourself.
That’s what these people thought they were seeing, but as

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Hair Ties Do A Lot More Than Just Pull Your Hair Back — Here Are 15 Alternate Uses

If you have long hair, then you know that having an extra hair tie around your wrist or in your bag every day is a must.
I’m usually too busy to style my hair, so elastics are my go-to for pulling it up and getting it out of my face. But did

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To Capture Thailand’s Vast Countryside, Google Did Something Truly Amazing

Much of Thailand’s greatest sites are off the beaten path, that is, not accessible via roads and cars.
So, when Google Street View wanted to add more points of interest to their coverage of the country, there were very few options. Measuring in at nearly 200 square miles, it’s almost impossible to imagine

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This Couple Built The Most Incredible Home…And It’s Floating

At some point, we’ve all had that fantasy of abandoning society and living off the grid.
I’ve always dreamed of having my own personal island, but I’ve never entertained the idea that it could actually be done. I couldn’t be more wrong, though. Not only is it possible, but there are two people

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