‘Palin berated me’: Harry Reid’s latest fundraising attempt is beyond pathetic

Democrats are really feeling the heat these days. Harry Reid’s latest fundraising email is way past the point of pathetic.
Why yes, he did.
Harry Reid’s excuse for Obamacare delay: Americans don’t know ‘how to use the internet’
‘Lost touch with reality’: Harry Reid lies about calling O-care victims liars

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‘Look out Rafael’: Chris Matthews sees new Sonny and Cher

It looks like Bristol Palin will be getting her wish after all, as the big surprise announcement that Sarah Palin will endorse Donald Trump for president is pretty much common knowledge at this point, and is expected at any moment now.
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has tweetedthat the sum of Trump and Palin will be greater

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TPM is obsessed with the Palins — and we really need a ‘sarcasm font’

Twitchy reported earlier on some some theories why the left wing media is still fixated on Sarah Palin and her family. Here’s the real, repugnant reason Dems and media still go after Sarah Palin; It’s enraging
Whatever the reason, Talking Points Memo sure seems to have an obsession with the former vice presidential candidate.


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