‘Happy place’: Emmys viewers can’t unsee ad for Depends

Something tells us NBC expected a different demographic for Monday night’s Emmy awards than MTV did for last night’s Video Music Awards. That something is the advertisements, which caught a few by surprise.
Well, Perez Hilton enjoyed it.
What do the professionals think? Let’s check in with TV

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Oh, goody! Don’t forget who’s in charge of the IRS’ Obamacare office

The IRS claims to have “lost” over two years’ worth of Lois Lerner’s emails. Citizens can’t help but be angry — and anxious. After all, the IRS is the same agency in charge of enforcing Obamacare.
Yet somehow, we’re supposed to trust the IRS? We don’t think so. Especially when we’re reminded of this:

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Oh, lawdy: Is this ‘the most DavidBrooksian David Brooks sentiment ever?’

David Brooks, ladies and gentlemen:
The most DavidBrooksian David Brooks sentiment ever? http://t.co/EjPtz2v3IA http://t.co/JDBfRIC0kb pic.twitter.com/MBpsRFjk62
— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) September 23, 2014
Maybe some context will help:
It’s important in times like these to step back and get clarity. The truest thing to say is this: We are living in an amazingly fortunate time. But

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‘Except for … ‘: Gov. Cuomo says Ebola response has been ‘textbook’

It was learned yesterday that a doctor in New York City has tested positive for the Ebola virus, but New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is up for re-election next month, is offering high praise for how the situation has been handled:

Just now on @CBSThisMorning, NY Gov Cuomo says response to

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‘#ToureShaming is awesome’! Touré’s iffy ‘apology’ prompts flashback facepalms

Awesome — and fun! Especially since Touré makes it so damn easy.
As Twitchy reported, the “Cycle” co-host finally apologized for his horrifically awful tweet suggesting that Holocaust survivors who managed to succeed in the postwar world did so because of the “power of whiteness.” Well, he sort of apologized. He seemed much

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‘Priceless’: Obama’s policies shredded in a single bumper sticker

Priceless, indeed.

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Snort! Was the Obama Rosa Parks pic narcissism? Here’s what it really meant

Sad Obama! As Twitchy reported, President Obama “honored” Rosa Parks anniversary with a photo of himself last year. And then made it a “favorite of the year.” Who is Obama’s favorite? Obama is!
The OFA-run @BarackObama Twitter account posted that photo again this year.
Narcissist in chief? Yes. But perhaps that wasn’t the reason

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‘Lunatic!’ Harris-Perry ‘apologizes’ to Romneys (with self-serving hashtag)

Perhaps if Ms. Harris-Perry had stopped there, her “apology” would have been more believable. As Twitchy reported, Ms. Harris-Perry and a panel on her MSNBC show repugnantly mocked the Romneys and their adopted grandson. Racism: A total yuk-fest!
Sarah Palin rightly called it despicable and blasted the “yellow journalists” at MSNBC.
Ms. Harris-Perry was

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