This Saint Bernard Just Shattered The ‘Dogs And Cats Are Enemies’ Myth. This Is Beautiful.

Yankee the St. Bernard proves that we shouldn’t judge others by appearances… or even species. The giant dog began welcoming strange kittens to sleep with him during the winter when it was cold. But then, after the cold weather passed, the gentle giant kept sheltering the neighborhood cats. The resulting pile of fur that his owners found every morning will melt your heart into pieces.

Even though Yankee looks like a big bruiser, he is actually quite the softie.

Every night, he lets the neighborhood strays cuddle up with him, sharing his warmth.

All of the stray cats are from nearby barns. One by one they began showing up, cuddled up to Yankee in the morning. Now, each morning there is just a big ball of fur on the porch.

Who said dogs and cats were enemies? 🙂


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