Budget Tips

Just because you want your marriage to last a lifetime doesn't mean you have to spend a lifetime paying for the big event.

Bridal Gown:

Borrow a dress from a relative or friend - return it dry-cleaned. You may be able to rent a wedding gown for a lot less than the cost price. Purchase a second hand wedding dress. Find any special dress that you like. It does not need to be expensive and it can be any colour that suits you. Many of the Bridal Gown Shops are often having sales. The beauty of this is you don't have to hold your breath for six months waiting for the dress to arrive and then have it fitted.


Do not purchase new shoes for your bridesmaids - rather ask them to wear something similar i.e. black strappy heels ect - Not only will you save on the cost, they will not spend the night in agony wearing in new shoes, it also allows tall and short girls to wear the right shoes for their height.


Search jewellery shops for used and antique pieces, sometimes available at a fraction of the $1,800 cost of the average wedding ring set. Check family jewellery boxes for wedding bands handed down through the years, but ask politely if you can have them. Gems such as rubies and saphires are increasingly popular as engagement rings and less expensive than diamonds. Look Here!

Hair & Make Up :

If you or a friend are confident and practiced you may choose to do your own hair and makeup. Music You may be able to hire CD’s and have a friend DJ for the evening. The same with music for the church instead of having a organist, you could play tape or CD music over the churches musical system – check with the rector.


Try choosing smaller bouquets. Small fragrant posies called nosegays were traditional wedding flowers. Ask the florist about the affordable flowers in season rather than those which may need to be flown in from overseas. Look Here! If there is another wedding in the church before or after yours try to contact the bride, with the possibility of sharing the cost of decorating the church Find a flower wholesaler and do it yourself.

Create your own invitation here. Simply complete a brief questionare and we will build one for you. Add email addresses and we will even send them out. We also provide a place for your guests to RSVP.
Hand making your own invitations will save you a considerable amount of money. Try to personally hand out as many invitations as you can to save on postage costs Don't have "Thank You" cards specially printed. You can easily purchase them for a reasonable price at almost any card store. The key to saving money is to keep it simple. Don't order elaborate announcements and invitations with heavy paper stock and engraving.

You may have a friend or family member who is willing to do your wedding pictures as a gift to you, or who will provide the service for free if you purchase the film and other necessary equipment. Ask family and friends to bring their own cameras. Have the a wedding photographer take photos up to after the ceremony but provide disposable cameras at the reception for the evening photos.

 Again ask a friend to shoot the video. Make sure the batteries are charged and they have extra tapes. Be very sure about this Wedding Photography and Videography is something you want to be done right.

Caterer the reception at home yourself Instead of having a three course meal provide cocktails If you are serving alcohol, find a facility that will let you bring your own in. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing this. By having your fruit, cheese and vegetables available as soon as your guests arrive, cuts down on alcohol consumption drastically. Have your wedding and reception in the same location. You will save on the rental fee not to mention savings savings on transportation between locations. Have decorations taken from your ceremony to the reception to save on cost of decorations.

You may be able to arrange to borrow cars. Use a luxury Hire Car Company and ask a friend who doesn't mind being skipper.

Clergy fee:
This varies on from church to church check beforehand. In Los Angeles this varies between $50 to $700.

Gifts for attendants:
 You may spend anywhere from $10 to $50 each on these gifts, depending on what you wish to give, and your budget. There is no proper "set" amount.

Table Centrepiece:
With a little imagination you can make them yourself rather than hire them. Candles surrounded with some greenery from the garden, or flowers such as frangipani floating in a shallow glass bowel of water can be inexpensive and very effective. Buy purchasing rather than hiring table centre pieces, such as gold fish in a bowl - the centre piece can double as gifts for relatives and friends that have offered their support and help during the wedding preparations.

Wedding Co-ordinator:
 You may even want to hire a wedding coordinator. While most wedding coordinators charge anywhere from $300 to $1500 for the whole day, this individual could save you hundreds of dollars in time, phone calls and petrol. These coordinators are experienced at getting the job done and getting it done fast. They know which companies to use and which to avoid.

Charge it:
If you have a credit card that earns you air mileage, use it for many of the expenses related to your wedding. For each dollar you charge, you will come closer to earning a free flight, possibly even for your honeymoon. Start shopping early. Get quotes from many places and then decide what price you can afford, without sacrificing the quality you want. Savings in one area will allow you to splash out in another. Get all contracts with service providers in writing, and keep track of deposits made.

The quality of your wedding does not depend on how much money you spend!